Welcome to 43

Welcome to 43

A community + pre-seed fund to help founding teams reach product/market fit faster

Anabel (Co-founder)
Dustin (Founder)
Soso (Co-founder)

Investment FAQ

What stages and verticals do you invest in?

We invest at the “pre-seed” stage and are vertical agnostic. We care most about the founding team, their unique insight, and a track record of tenacity.

What does pre-seed mean at 43?

Pre-seed can be confusing since the term seed keeps evolving. Simply put: everyone at 43 wants to invest as early as possible. We are comfortable being your first check. You do not need a live product to meet with us.

Todd Jackson shared the path most startups take on their journey to P/M fit:

  1. early idea ⬅️
  2. well formed idea ⬅️
  3. prototype ⬅️
  4. early product w few customers ⬅️
  5. strong product w lots of customers
  6. product with lots of customers and some revenue
  7. product with lots of customers and lots of revenue
⬅️ our initial investments fit into steps one through four
How do you make decisions?

Everyone at 43 makes decisions independently based on their conviction in the founder, product and market. We each have a distinct way of developing conviction but all run transparent decision making processes that respect founders’ time.

Why should I take your money?

We are founders building something meaningful ourselves and we operate accordingly. We obsess about delivering the best investor experience and proactively help solve your biggest challenge - getting to product/market fit quickly. Our portfolio is small and concentrated so that we can go deep on context and allow you to maximally leverage our time, knowledge and network.

We strive to be your first phone call when things are going well or when they are falling apart. We show up for our founders when needed and without judgment, and we enjoy rolling our sleeves up.

Lastly, each of us has a unique skill set we’ve honed by working with dozens of startups over the past decade: raising capital (Dustin), building culture and teams (Anabel), and solving/scaling growth (Soso).

Where does the name 43 come from?

The number 43 is the address of our “third space” in San Francisco which helped bring us together around a shared vision. Fun fact: 43 is a centered heptagonal number.

How do I get in touch to tell you about my startup?

We prefer you get an introduction from someone in our network but we understand that founders come from all different networks and backgrounds, so we can also be reached at team@43.io.